Lake Group Strata operates its Trust Account for clients through Macquarie Bank who specialise in providing banking services to the strata and community title industry.

Accounting and financial management is conducted by specialist members of the Lake Group Strata team who can provide the following services for our clients:

  • Establish and maintain a trust account.
  • Pay invoices on behalf of our clients.
  • Provide annual statutory reconciled accounts to our clients.
  • Arrange for preparation and lodgement of annual tax returns.
  • Arrange for audits to be conducted where required.
  • Prepare administrative fund budget and arrange capital works fund plans and budget.
  • Manage administrative funds and capital works funds.
  • GST related activities.
  • Additional financial reports or reports prepared to specific requirements.
  • Invest monies with authorised deposit taking institutions.
  • Prepare and issue section 184 certificates.
  • Issue levy notices.
  • Levy arrears management.


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